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Driving Under the Influence

Michigan law has historically become more severe against people charged with driving under the influence. With stricter laws regarding the consumption of alcohol before driving a motor vehicle, Michigan lawmakers have tried to curb drunk driving. This results in stiffer penalties for people charged and convicted of a variety of drunk driving offenses in Michigan.

Being charged with drunk driving in Michigan can mean serious punishment and other legal consequences. Investing in exceptional legal services may be necessary to help you avoid spending time in jail, losing your driver license, and paying stiff fines. Even if your body alcohol content was not very high, prosecutors normally will argue that any amount of alcohol in your body over the legal limit jeopardized the safety and welfare of other drivers. Therefore, the level of legal attention you need depends largely on the specific details of your case.

The potential severity of the punishment increases as the seriousness of the offense rises, especially if you have a history of drunk driving arrests and convictions. If your case does not involve extreme circumstances, between $3000.00 to $5000.00 may be enough to obtain a basic defense in court. However, if the facts of your case are much more drastic, you may be need to invest $30,000 to get the type of legal services that will help preserve your liberty, keep you out of jail, and return to a normal life.

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