Drug Charges in Michigan

Possession, Delivery, Distribution, Manufacturing

Drug charges are very serious in the state of Michigan. James Fifelski has built a strong portfolio of experience with cases involving a variety of drug charges. Whether your case can be classified in one of the categories below or is much more complex, the legal services offered at Fifelski Legal are capable of offering you the best chances at victory in a court of law.

The following list includes potential controlled substance offenses which you may face in the criminal justice system.

  • Delivery of a drug/controlled substance
  • Delivery of a drug/controlled substance causing death
  • Possession with intent to deliver a drug/controlled substance
  • Creation/Manufacturing of a drug/controlled substance

The legal defense rates for these cases .depend largely on the type of controlled substance involved and the nature of the allegations. In less serious situations for which basic legal services may be sufficient for a successful defense, average law firms may charge as low as $5,000 for their services. However, in the most serious of drug cases, when only the most intense scrutiny and diligence will provide a successful defense, legal fees may rise to approximately $50,000.00.

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