Criminal Defense Attorney

Fifelski Legal, PLC.

You never want to find yourself sitting inside a courtroom waiting for the jury's decision. However, if this is a situation you may soon be in you will want to consider hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. Although no one in the legal system can truly guarantee a result, there are many levels on which attorneys compete. When seeking criminal defense services, it is imperative to compare the resources that one firm will have available to allocate to your case versus another. Whether that be private investigation services, a polygraph examiner, or thorough research and trial preparation, you want to make sure the money you invest is going towards the best opportunity to obtain an acquittal.

The many offenses for which these lawyers' provide support services include assault, controlled substances, criminal sexual conduct, firearms, homicide, motor vehicles, police-related incidences, property, and post-sentencing issues. Being convicted of any crime brings a heavy emotional, fiscal, and physical toll. The more severe your crime, the harsher that penalty will be. That is why James Fifelski offers his services as a criminal defense attorney on a tiered pricing system, so you can pay for what you need in order to be comfortable with your case.

Criminal defense attorneys often are aligned with their clients' motives. The ability for a lawyer to build a successful career is contingent on the reputation resulting from their level of success in the courtroom. The more successful they are, the more defendants they have successful results for. Fifelski Legal will work with you to determine what services, given the specific details of your case, will be necessary to put you in the best position for victory.