Assault and Battery

Elements of Offense - Ann Arbor, MI - Washtenaw County

The misdemeanor offense of Assault & Battery is committed when a person does either of the following: (1) attempts to cause physical harm to another individual but does not complete the act; (2) commits an unlawful act that places another in reasonable fear of receiving an immediate battery; (3) commits a harmful or offensive touching of another individual. Proof of one of these three variations is sufficient for a conviction even if the alleged victim had no knowledge of the defendant’s actions.

Assault & Battery is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 93 days in jail. A person convicted of Assault and Battery will normally be placed on probation for 1-2 years and will be ordered to attend anger management courses, therapy, jail work program, or community service. However, the long term consequences of having an Assault & Battery conviction will last the rest of your life.