Animal Cruelty

Elements of Offense - Ann Arbor, MI - Washtenaw County

The felony offense of Animal Cruelty is committed when a person willfully, maliciously, and without just cause or excuse, kills, tortures, mutilates, maims, or disfigures an animal. It typically does not matter what type of animal it is. There must be proof that the act was done intentionally, but there need not be proof that the defendant intended the specific consequences or injuries that resulted. The animal can be either domesticated or wild to qualify for protection under the statute. Animal Cruelty is a felony punishable by up to 4 years imprisonment. A person convicted of Animal Cruelty will be labeled a convicted felon and inhumane. The stigma attached to such a conviction is extremely hard to avoid. It will be hard to get and keep a job as a result and people will look at you differently.