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Criminal Defense Lawyer Ann Arbor, MI

DUI and Drug Charges Lawyer Washtenaw County Pure Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting for You

What will you look for in criminal defense representation? How do you want your attorney to act in court? How do you want a lawyer to approach your case? How do you want to be treated?

These are the questions James Fifelski asked when he formed the Ann Arbor law office of Fifelski Legal, PLC. He wanted to make sure that he had the answers to these questions, and the answers matched the needs of his clients.

These are some of the things you can expect from James Fifelski and his criminal defense practice:

  • We are strong and aggressive in defense of our clients
  • We bring a decade of criminal law experience
  • We know how the criminal justice system works and how to effectively fight for our clients
  • We have the ability to handle the most complicated criminal cases.
  • We treat clients with compassion, respect and dignity
  • We are focused on winning your case